What did life look like in July 2018, when Rich Get Richer dropped? I was living downtown in the esteemed Yorkville neighbourhood, working at Ultimate Software as a Software Test Engineer and loving every moment of it, and taking full advantage of the summer. At this point it was official - I had dropped out of Waterloo and moved onto more inspiring things - professionally, and personally.


What can we say about Real A$$ Housewife, the song custom-made for RHOT (Toronto) star Kara Alloway? Well, it was a parody of sorts, meant to poke fun at the Housewife stereotypes, and the visuals were done (overdone?) by the usual crew. Crazy few days of filming, I'll say, but wonderful to get the vision out there once again. Reddit, Toronto Life, Post City, SliceET CanadaKara's Blog


At the time, Billie was the largest project the crew had ever done. It was filmed over the course of 5 weekends, and spent over 50 hours in editing. It was released on November 20th, 2016. Video produced by Jordan Grant, with lots of help from close friends. This is Jordan's first 100% original song with a music video.


WatLine Bling is a parody of Drake's viral hit Hotline Bling. It is the first JG2012 video to feature a prominent storyline, and is tailored to the University of Waterloo. In addition, all supporting cast members are University of Waterloo students, and the video features all 6 faculties of the school. RedditLyrics


'Black and Gold' was filmed over two days at the University of Waterloo, and released November 26th, 2015. Locations include DC, E5, Warrior Field, and CIF. This was the first non-parody music video to be released. Video produced by Jacob Kachura. See also: Reddit, Lyrics


One Bot Can Change The World is a parody of Big Sean's song One Man Can Change The World. It was submitted for and won the 2015 FIRST Robotics Song Parody Competition. The video follows the journey of Team 610's 2011 - 2014 seasons. Video produced by Jordan Grant. See also: Chief Delphi, Lyrics


Released on September 4th, 2015, 'CO-OP' was the follow up single to 'WatCard', highlighting the cooperative education experience from the viewpoint of a Waterloo student. The video was shot at numerous locations on the campus and in Uptown Waterloo. Produced by Jordan Grant, Adam Leung, Jacob Kachura, Ryan Tam. See also: Reddit, Lyrics


Waterloo's song of the summer in 2015, 'WatCard' was a well-produced music video about the student ID card, that garnered 23,000 views in under 1 week. The video features creative shots using cars and drones, and took the student body by surprise on June 9th, 2015. Production: Jordan Grant, Jacob Kachura, Baron Alloway, Ryan Tam. See also: Reddit, AMA, Article, Lyrics


'FRC' is actually the third robotics parody by JG2012, but the first music video to be created. It was a heavily storyboarded project, with shots from three different regional competitions. Each shot is unique and features a wide range of members from the FIRST community. Production: Jordan Grant and Jacob Kachura. See also: Chief Delphi