Stunning custom song plaques. Design your own or support artists with limited release offerings.


Design trading cards and mint NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.

Staats Card Creator

Use our templates to create customized, social media ready trading cards. Purchase directly in-app.


Make custom trading cards, rate your favourite athletes, artists, or entertainers, and send & receive likes anonymously


An entire platform built around the experience of picking between two things!


A modern retail solution.


PopTag is a simple tool for engaging socially - in any context. It's meant to help start conversations, cure boredom, and essentially use your phone to make life more social!


I spent a lot of time working on diddit, a platform for challenges - for any event, place, or interest. There was a lot of passion behind this app, click "diddit" to read the full story.

Town Hall

What if Twitter had one thread per day? Where people could just share their true opinion anonymously, without having to defend themselves or care about likes?

Easy TV

In 2016, I tried app development for the first time. I found it extremely hard. It took me 4 months just to finish this simple app and I thought I'd never be able to build the apps I dreamed of.